Guided Meditation - Calming, Relaxing



Guided Meditation - Calming, Relaxing

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Young Adult (18-35)


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way. Welcome to today's meditation. To begin with, make sure the body is in this comfortable position as possible, either sitting in the chair or lying down on the bed or the floor. Allow the weight of the body to settle down towards the earth. Taking a few deep breaths and letting go a little bit more on each breath out. Now allowed the breath to settle and to find its own natural rhythm, letting the breath breathe itself. Try not to interfere with this process and notice how to body moves in response to the breath theme. Chest expanding and relaxing, belly rising and falling. Try to let go of any ideas about how you think it ought to be and just rest in an awareness how things actually are for you in each moment. Sometimes it can help to include an image with a sense of the breath you can imagine away flowing up the beach, turning and flowing back out to sea again, noticing how the movement of the breath has a rhythm very like this. Or you might have another image that you fight advocated and comic. Use your imagination in your own way to help the mind antibodies settle around breath