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Here are a few samples of my partner and me voicing some spots together. Such chemistry!

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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ready for your first Spanish. Listen, I can't wait. Good. Let's begin. Hola. Hello, Ola G. That was easy. Tengo hambre. I'm hungry. Tango. Really? I'm hungry. Are you willing? I guess. Bobble Psycho, Maryland area. Let's go to love, Maria. You know Le Paria Mexican restaurant? The friendly taste of Mexico with delicious, authentic countries like case arias, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, eyes is part of my lesson. Then we'll order the Feast of Brownie. Ah, warm brownie topped with vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate, caramel syrup and whipped cream. I am really getting into the Spanish thing movie in time. That's about five. What are you doing? I'm going to flip it dot com to find my mother a birthday gift. Really? She's gonna be 85 at flip it dot com. I could just entering what I'm looking for, and I'll get bids from people that have it. Item for saying I picked the lowest thin I just entered in Numb Chuck. What? She's really into martial arts ever since that guy broke into her house and she put him in the hospital, remember? Go to f L I p p i d dot com and find what you're looking for, honey. Bad news. It looks like our tax return is only 4 99 Wow, that's fantastic. No. $4 in 99 cents. No, I know. Terrific. Confused. Why you so excited? About $4.99 Because for a limited time, Applebee's is offering a cheeseburger and fries for Onley 4 99 Every Friday through Sunday, I was gonna suggest we invest our tax return. Applebee's cheeseburgers are a great investment, and they do it right. 100% Angus beef, cooked to perfection and topped with cheddar cheese. Have to admit, that does sound pretty good. Well, then, let's get to Applebee's. I'll go get the kids Applebee's. It's a whole new neighborhood. So I'm sitting here waiting for this big dinner party. My wife plant when suddenly disposal kaput, kitchen sink clock downstairs, toilet. Back there, I called a total plumbing. My wife, where I exactly my dinner party, a total plumbing, knew they'd be there. I knew they'd be fair. They are came in, check things out and got to work fast. In no time at all. Everything was back to normal. And me, Norman, I went back to peeling shrimp for the party. A total plumbing fast, honest, affordable 770507 54 24 or go to a total plumbing dot com.