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someone wise once said. Life is short, and spending it well isn't always about saying yes, it sometimes having the conviction to say no. No uncomfortable knickers, No uncomfortable silences. No phones at the dinner table. No phones at the bedside table. No clothes across the earth. No shoes that hurt your feet. No disappointing dinners, no excuses, no holding back. So if it doesn't make you feel 10 feet tall, if it doesn't take you somewhere extraordinary, say no. After all, you only get one life reminisce. Let's spend it well so you can fix the board. Then you can fix the bike. And if you can fix a bike, then you can fix a car. If you can fix a car nuclear land to fix a leaf mark a helicopter, Pacific 24 Sea Boat, a 4.5 inch Sampson radar system or a type 45 destroyer on. When you can fix all that, you'll pay a Royal Navy engineer. Start your journey. Such world Navy engineers welcome to the troubled world of age Gap Love the couples who dread meeting their new in North, who take on a large step family a 29 and the tough reality of living with the younger man. Age Gap loves seldom run smoothly but disapproval mates, couples even more determined to overcome the critics markets used to living with an older woman, he moves straight from his mom's house to pats. Pat met Mark when he was 23 she was 55. He hadn't had a relationship before dating Pat. Within two years of meeting, the couple got married, but they're happy occasion, like some very important guests.