2022 Commercial Demo

Television Ad


My commercial demo goes from calm, confident, and relaxed to stylish, swaggy, and funky and takes you through my commercial range in under 90 seconds.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


African (General) South African (General)


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performance technology luxury Meet the New Standard of Electric that has it all. The thrilling BMW I X sharp of fashion everyone can afford that's inspired by the latest trends. Make sure your next girls' night out is styled just for you, by pretty little thing. Own your look. From the simple moments to the life changing ones, you're part of a network that helps you have what you need to be, where you dream of doing What makes you happy. Visa. Everywhere you want to be, immersed yourself in a big screen experience from wherever you want to be entertained. The freestyle projector from Samsung Just point and play UH, ball Neo therapy in simple terms, a box oak with benefits. Get in the mood and pamper yourself with we the people. Big mood bath soak. Making homemade pizza is my thing, and I have to say it's pretty tasty when I top it with Beyond pepperoni. It's healthier and next level amazing. And since it's made from plants, it's kind of like eating vegetables. So I eat as much as I want guilt free. Yeah,