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Mr Sharma was transferred to Barcelona, Spain. He was excited but also a bit worried. His nine year old daughter only spoke Hindi and English. How will she cope? But Mr Sharma was in for a surprise. His daughter picked up basic Spanish in no time after reaching there, and by the time they returned a couple of years later, she not only spoke Hindi and English but was also fluent in Spanish. So what made the difference the opportunity to stay in Spain at travel toe learn. We'd like to give this opportunity to every child opportunity to explore the world and stay curious how you ask. We arrange international educational tours, which are designed especially for students, so every child gets the opportunity to experience innovation and Finland learn French in France Hit a goal in Spain. Emerson Futuristic careers in the US become experts in survival with bare Giles save lions in South Africa, and much more are experiential. Itineraries don't teach about a country. They make a child living by practicing their craft, eating their food, living in their homes, experiencing their culture, meaning new people and making new friends while having loads of fun. But How does it help? According to the World Economic Forum, 65% of current jobs will be obsolete in the next 20 years. Yes, the world is changing rapidly, and there's no way to predict what the future will be like. By the time our Children graduate from high school. All we can do is prepare them. Not all classrooms have walls. Travel toe learn Well, she's all grown up and working from Madrid. She's shaping the world, working as an interpreter for world leaders, a career that neither her parents nor she was even aware existed. Want to know more about our programs? Call us today plus 9 +17316 by +45697 for +65456 90 or visit us on the Web at www dot travel to learn dot i n