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I have been providing VOGs for many live events for the past 8 years.

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Good evening and welcome to the Orpheum Theater. We would like to remind you that flash photography and the use of recording devices is strictly prohibited. Please silence your mobile devices now. Thank you and enjoy tonight's performance. Please welcome to the stage, our Pepsico Ceo and Executive director Ramon Laguardia. Please join me in welcoming Bank of America chairman and Ceo brian Moynihan. Please welcome back to the stage, Chief diversity officer, Holly Martinez. Hey ladies, let's make some noise for today's special guest speaker and host of Marie tv Marie for leo Live from Nashville Tennessee. Welcome to the 56 annual C. M. A. Awards brought to you by AARP quality of life For all, it never feels like the right time to say goodbye to a loved one. A friend or a cherished icon. Tonight we acknowledge the legends in our industry who have passed on and celebrate all they created and shared May they rest in peace and power joining us in our very special tribute john legend. This year's V. M. A video of the year nominees are Doja cat woman, Ed Sheeran shivers, harry styles as it was and Alicia Rodrigo brutal