Whizbang Research Demo



Crossing into the promo/narration fields, a demo for research company, Whizbang Research. Working with well written copy is a dream!

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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we live in a digital world and something just went viral. If you want to keep up, don't blink. Facebook, Google, Twitter. You too. Noise and chatter and change information. Be honest, you're swimming in it and agency runs on invites and pitches and new ideas and new business. But behind the prospects there are the people. People who give you their attention, their time and fingers crossed their trust, the people who give you their accounts. To win them over, you need to know their business and to know their business. You need to know us. Where was bang research? We cut clutter and find insights. We see where companies airheaded so you can help them change Course. We read between the lines, so you can, too. We do many things, but we do one thing very well. We simplify. We cut books down two pages and pages, two paragraphs so you can write sentences. This is the digital world. This is whiz bang research. This is information simplified