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Ingo by Helen Dunmore. We dive I cling to Pharaoh's wrist because there's nothing else, but it doesn't feel like a human rest anymore. It feels cold and smooth, like a thick stem of all weed. My hands slip and I dig my fingers into the flesh. I'm too frightened to care if it hurts him. I opened my eyes. We're moving faster than I've ever swum before rushing down and down in a race of bubbles. There's salt in my nose and I want to cough. But I can't cough Underwater Water presses in on me, crushing my chest and making it burn. I can't breathe. The water won't let me breathe. Let go, Farrow says urgently. You're safe with me. He's talking. Pharaoh is talking underwater and I can hear him. Let go, he says again. Let go, Sapphire, Leave the air. Let go or you'll drown his words. Boom in my ears! Leave the air! Leave the air! Can I do it like Pharaoh? How can I leave the air? I'm not murder. I'm human. I've got to breathe in. I've got to, but I'm so far down underwater that I'll never get back to the service. in time to breathe. Leave the air, says Pharaoh. Imperative, Lee. Now I have no choice. Water thrums in my ears. Let go or die Let go or die!