Commercial Demo - Apple Watch, Coca-Cola, KIA, Samsung, Quiznos, Forever21

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Television Ad


Commercial voiceover demo featuring the signature shades of Mike Schurko. Male voice that sounds youthful, cool, casual, smart, athletic and edgy, to compassionate and caring.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) Spanish (Central American)


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track it. Check it. Find it, Call him. Call her, Called him. See this? Do that. Go here. Be there. All watches. Tell time. This one helps you make the most of it. The new Apple Watch. We've heard you, America. We know you want a healthy alternative to regular coke while still keeping the great tastes that generations of Americans have loved. Coca Cola life is here with less than half the sugar, but the same taste is regular coke. You can have the taste you love while living the lifestyle you want. The new Kia Sport Ege. You were expecting something different. Poor Kelly. She thinks Brad Pitt is talking to her. Those eyes, that hair, his hairy hands. Oh, right. That's Kyle, her boyfriend. The new four k curved screen TV from Samsung. Get lost on it now for a limited time, get $2 off your 2nd 12 inch sub at Quiznos Quiznos Love what you eat Whether you need that just right. Look for the office or the perfect board shorts for this weekend's barbecue forever 21 has you covered from time tested classics to the latest trends Forever 21 knows that close really do make the man forever 21 forever fresh