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UPMC is proud to partner with community organizations, including the Westmoreland Agricultural Fair, by promoting wellness and encouraging healthy habits through life changing medicine. Beginning June 30th 2019 the agreement between UPMC and High Mark will come to an end. What will that mean for you? Well, if your health plan is provided by UPMC or a number of national carriers, preparation is power. Once you've got it, nothing can stop you. So how about it? Are you prepared for a E P? You're about to be food trucks normally music and freebies each day, courtesy of curbside in the bright spot with receipt The sidewalk sale on Leah Cardinals Slide Rhod in Luc to 89. It's gonna be totally awesome. If industry has taught us anything, it's that change is inevitable, changes exciting. It's dynamic. It's a never ending catalyst that propels us towards bigger and better innovations and opportunities.