Short Story.



This recording was part of my training and I recorded this under the Audio Book genre.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Indian (General)


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out of confusion. Addis followed John far as formed on her forehead when John was gone from her side. So she decided to turn back. But to amaze, she saw John looking at her from behind. She gassed how to do. I mean, what are you doing? Your joint snarled tint. My brother's tell you that this is a forbidden place. They they already did it, sir, But 10 voi Oh, you your John shouted. I am sorry, sir. Item mean to heiress stuttered. You are too late. Eris cast when John's is turned into a different shade of red. Please don't hurt me, John, she pleaded. But it only east the monster in front of her. Her ised war built in fear as she looked at Johns, have red eyes. It's gassed when John pressed his lips against her neck and betted see cringed in pain. But John's grip for so tight that hands would break shall fight back tier scrap down her cheeks out of fear and pain, John she sport, and to her shock John slips were already press on her, sucking her energy out. She tried fighting back, but it's of no use. His too strong unease freak int Until she fell down the ground, She's all train out. Everything was turning until everything went black.