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so it was alive. I'm sitting on the couch, it's late at night and tears are just streaming down my face then this anger and resentment building and explodes out of me, hold up but I did everything that you said. So why do I still feel empty instantly? My inner voice comes back and says because it wasn't yours, moderate queens. And this time we must maintain the perfect household while making sure we keep that great job. Now make sure when you're bearing kids you must maintain the perfect body, you must be classy and professional and 100% frank modern day queens. Are we not done living everybody else's dreams. Women's generational wealth masterminds was born from this. See we helped elevate self advocacy, the financial literacy legacy, Time freedom and time management. Find out more on women's generational wealth dot com. But see I'll leave you with this that night. It was a struggle. You see my whole world had went up in flames, but like a phoenix from the ashes still I rise. So queens in this room and all across the world sit up straight and be seen as the diamonds that you are. You're so rare and unique. Hear me when I say you be your first click like to start your day because every other like after that is just a bonus. Okay, your life is your own critically acclaimed movie. So please fire that old director and replace him with you because he can't nobody do you. How you do? You do not apologize for who you are, stop hiding this amazing dream that is meant to change the world because see this right here. They want that old life. They can have it. But it ends with us here and now. My name is Michelle Bill, by the way. Thank you.