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Space Tour

Talent Online
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Voice Over • Animation


A Tour Guide begins a space tour that quickly evolves into something a bit more extreme than the normal

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Hello everyone Welcome to the Orion nebula Galaxy deluxe tour as your host and tour guide. I'll do my absolute galactic best to give you a tour that's simply out of this world now please fasten your safety restraints and remain seated with your arms and legs inside the tour rocket at all times. Starting out, we're just going to thrust forward from the space station. We've cleared out most of the immediate space organisms here for safety, but as we move forward, you should begin to notice some space flora there. That blue shimmery, almost glitter like cloud is actually a collection of microscopic space plants similar to tara phytoplankton. Oh and if you will turn your attention to the starboard side of the ship, you will see a rather large example of space phone and you might encounter in the Orion nebula. It's your lucky day folks. We don't typically see nar box this close to the station but don't be worried. Although they have large mandibles, they have never been observed to use them aggressively towards humans. They're highly reclusive and are a very rare sight for scientists here at the Nature Observatory, let alone Taurus. Oh what's this? Dear Lord is charging us. I've never seen this before folks. Okay, don't worry everyone don't panic. I've got this aim, the lasers and fire. Sorry about that incident folks, that was highly unusual. Well let's continue our tour. Mhm