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I have made this video during the time of women's day and i have used my software to edit my video and add my voice to it.

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Mm. In yoga, the symbolism always is about showing the of Yogi or the Shiva always as half man, half woman. The idea is to remind everyone that this is the nature of your existence, so to to bring this balance between masculine and feminine is the true and apartment of humanity. If feminine has to find the right place in the world, we need to create a balance. Society will find aspects of life are as important as Survivor. If in her educational systems, music, art and aesthetics becomes as important as science, mathematics and technology, only then feminine will find expression in a society. It's time to turn this around. So we have come to a place where technology has created a physical space where men and women can participate in equal measures. In many ways, everywhere in the world, economy is going to be the main factor in people's lives. It's very important that women of the world participate in this process to create a gentle economy, an economy which is not brutal. It's very important in business leaderships in the boardrooms of this nation and in the world. There should be women who are feminine, not women who are trying to act like moon mask lang than men, women who genuinely have something feminine alive in and also men who are not ashamed of being feminine when they need to be. This balance has to be brought forward in the society. It's only it's only in this balance. There is empowering. Okay, what do you call as a flower is a fragile exhibition of a satellite plan. But without the flower, the plant would be so. What we call as feminine is more fragile expression of who we are. But without it, he would be