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Here's a snippet of my radio work from Magic 106.7 in Boston. You'll hear on air breaks and interaction with artists including James Taylor and Lionel Richie.

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a six point a greater media station. Hi there. It's 11 o'clock. I'm nancy quill with the most music for your workday plus that feel good feeling Every time you listen, Magic one oh 6.7. It's the most music and kelly Clarkson here, this is stronger Magic one of 6.7. Giving you a chance to win magic money. That's $500 in cash. It comes up later this afternoon. Listen for the queue to call Magic one of 6.7 today's hits and yesterday's favorite to now your chance to put a $50,000 spring bonus into your pocket. Congratulations to mary Beth Crowley of Newton. She just won $500 and is now qualified for our $50,000 spring bonus from Citizens Bank. Hi, this is Magic nancy Quill. Welcome to Magic backstage with billy Joel. His music was different so it was kind of dark, a little bit disturbing. Soft rock from the great, the legendary Lionel Richie who just happened to walk into the studio. It's so good. I was just passing by and I saw you in the window. I boy brian Wilson, Capitol Records. I talked him into it. I told him I said, look, this is gonna be a great album. Pet Sounds will be a little bit of a departure. James, Taylor is here in the studio with us. James. Welcome Thanks nancy. It's nice to nice to be here