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Kendall takes the empty seat across from me and I do my best to avoid making eye contact with him in any way. Instead, I casually sip my wine and pretend to listen intently to jake and his father discussing pack business after the main meal. I realized I only have dessert left to get through then I can make my excuses to leave Suddenly. The conversation takes a turn for the awkward when my grandma grows tired of talking of rescue missions and training schedules. Alice, darling, you've been so quiet tonight, It's not like you, she observes, looking at me curiously. Normally you can't resist telling these men how it's done. I smile and nod and I poked at the remaining food on my plate with a fork. It's just been a busy week. That's all I answer. Honestly, I pray to Goddess, you'll find your mate soon. I'm sure it will help take the pressure off of leading such a large pack, she replies, looking at me sympathetically. Suddenly I feel my anger spike, and I set up a little straighter in my seat. No, I don't really need any help, and I most certainly do not need a mate. I answer back assuredly, turning my head to look into Kendall's eyes. He raises his eyebrows slightly and lifts his drink to his lips, taking a large gulp. She got this. She's a better alpha than all of us put together, Jake adds, sending me a playful wink. My grandma's eyes light up as she watches our exchange and she smiles happily. Oh, no, dear! I know you're our little tough cookie. you always have been, even when you were tiny, it was clear to see you were born for this. I just want the best for you. That's all, she replies innocently. You know, jake is quite the catch and you two would be perfect together. I truly don't have the faintest idea why the moon goddess did not match you both jake chuckles along with grandma and her rant. While I carefully turned back to face Kendall. His demeanor hasn't changed at all. His face passive and expressionless. Trust me grandma, I would have loved if the moon goddess had paired me with your fine granddaughter. Jake replies respectfully. Well, you know, it's not the dark ages anymore. More and more wolves are now choosing their partners. And I think just then Kendall suddenly stands up from his chair. Please excuse me, he says respectfully, before heading for the door and disappearing. The conversation carries on around me as grandpa expertly changes the subject, much to the annoyance of grandma. I make an excuse to leave the table and I wander out into the corridor corridor. I peek outside to see Kendall pacing up and down his hands closed tightly into fists as I make my way into darkness and close the door behind me. He stops abruptly and looks at me with his penetrating glare. Everything okay? I asked casually, taking in his flustered state. Absolutely! He replies nonchalantly, walking over to stand in front of me. I leaned back on the cold wall as we both stare at each other in silence. Goddess! Even the intense look he's giving me is beginning to turn me on. My temperature, beginning to rise with each passing second. Are you sure? You seem tense? I shrug, tilting my head to the side. Do I? Are you enjoying seeing me like that? Is that it? He asks, moving forward, closing the gap between us.