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ready, nope. Uh huh I'm giving going to give this a freedom of example to that, you know how my voice is going to be and homemade ah vocabulary and english speaking skills. So I have taken the the coffee movie trailer so I'll mention some of the aspects we have to maintain for a movie, getting into the topic when Children shooting it's time to cut your trail. Meeting is with your uh the meeting is where your trailer uh get the interest of the so the beauty is that there should be a no wrong way to do it because if the trailer did not get uh interest of the audience then uh you might even lose uh the insomnia movie as well. Mhm. So was so we have to defend you water. Movie trailer is it's a marketing tool Used by Motion Pictures two years to show that coming attractions in the video, It's generally around 1.5-2 minutes we'll sleep. Um it is used to build excite for the particular movie and in 10 years as their own standalone piece. They inform a focus group about coming interactions. Yeah, believe me. Mm. Have you? Uh huh. You can maintain the graphics and the movies, toys always in the trailers. But you need to maintain you need to create a suspense. You need to create an interest that there is something more in this movie that you need to go and watch it. So you need to cut a trailer in a way that it builds up the interest in the audience. Mhm. You need to give wow mm It's like view of the action that we fix the music, sound effects, background schools and everything. And uh you maintain this all then you can build up interest in the audience which can build them to the details and at least uh get them to watch the movie. There is a lot of the movie is the second thing but this can be maintained in a movie to life. Thank you