eLearning demo with topics including how to file your taxes, wine varietals, how to bake better pies, and the cultural implications of jazz.

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the dreaded taxes. We hear you in this module, we'll take the guesswork out of individual taxes. Along the bottom of your screen, you'll find all kinds of helpful resources and links to make the process of filing your taxes easy and hassle free. Take a moment to look around, Moving on to Sauvignon blanc while always expressing its distinctive acidity. Sauvignon blanc can either be crisp and fruity or juicy and tropical, made from the green skin sauvignon grape, It remains one of the world's most popular white wines in this section. We will explore the flavor further. Who doesn't like pie? Nobody? But there's a science to baking? No, don't run away. Come back here. Understanding the scientific properties of ingredients and how they react under heat is going to take your pies to the next level. Alright, you sugary alchemists, click that link, let's get to it. What makes jazz so raw and so influential? Well to better understand the heartbeat behind today's modern music, you have to understand the source together. Let's unpack the sound of resistance against cultural and physical oppression. A beat that can still be heard today.