Perspective of an english poet on human

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The demo is about the viewpoints of an english poet on human.

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Whitman compares men to animals. He finds that man lacks many virtues which animals possess. He feels the life of a man is full of stress, depression and anxiety. So he wants to turn away from living with other humans and wants to live in the company of animals for good because he believes that he will get real happiness among animals. After all, he wishes to make a relationship with animals. According to the poet, animals are peaceful and self contained. They don't complain about anything. On the other hand, humans are crooked and crazy for material things. They lie awake at night and cry for the wrong they have done and at last they lose their temper over riffles. Humans have created much hype about their duty to God. This has reached a level of obsession among some which makes the poet feel sick. But the animals are free from all this thought. Animals are quite happy. They don't idle away their time discussing their duties to God like a human. No animal has to go to another of their kind. They all are equal and remain satisfied. The poet has a deep desire to learn from the animals, they do not have any kind of falsehood. The poet is much surprised at the quality. He finds that humans don't have those qualities which are shown by the animals such as signs of love, quietness, kindness, self, selflessness, honesty, patience, sympathy, et cetera. These qualities are absolutely necessary for a meaningful life. The poet has a deep desire to learn from the animals. He wants to learn from them because he seems to have lost those virtues carelessly.