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in the world of avionics, the expectations are exceptionally high. Fly V Technologies Private LTD. Is a leading product design, global engineering services and solutions company, providing end to end solutions for aviation, space and defense, transportation and industrial segments. We endeavor to create a benchmark in design development and in the manufacture off advanced power solution products, embedded systems, P I T controllers, data acquisition systems and also automatic test equipment fly. We started operation in early 2015 with over 20 highly qualified engineers, technicians and quality inspectors clocking over 100 man years off expertise in mechanical systems, structural electrical electron ICS and software engineering. We pride ourselves on using innovative technologies within challenging time frames. We operate in our A s 9100 D certified facility. Adhering to stringent quality standards. We are committed to engineering and manufacturing products that outperform and outlast competing units that deliver enhanced safety features. Our products also conform to technical standards. Order authorization for manufacturing airborne products. Fly V is committed to providing high quality, cost effective and on time services to delight our clients through proven competence, continual assessment off its processes and practices. Our continuous improvement in quality management systems help us to be apart off lasting success stories worldwide. We're constantly committed to serving and fulfilling quality turnout that stands unmatched in the industry till date. We urge you to visit our website, our contact us for more information.