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A short excerpt from a novel epic fantasy style

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Chapter five, the ruling house onward to 10th as the league's past. The sea on valley widened, the river deepened, the forest disappeared behind them, and the great grey walls of the city rose steadily. Interview Rin had come from his usual perch on the bow spirit and stood beside Borden and lawn toe Watch. The crew prepare their docking in all directions. Now the city spread as far as they could see. Fields and farm houses, small dwellings and larger states everywhere. People, people. People walking through the throngs gathered near the giant gates for three soon noticed how different they were to those around them. Don remembered ice description of the five ruling Houses of 10th and could see these reflected in the coloured cloaks and clothing of those they passed. Every person showed their houses, colours somewhere about them, and their plane, mountain leather and great cloaks drew a sudden silence on occasional anxious glance from the passing crowd. It seems the gold with the Emerald Star rule this land, said Rin. They owned the weigh in and watch what goes out and not too friendly with the red flower on blue. I'm thinking, said Lorne, nodding to a small group of gold shirted guards milling around two blue garb figures at the entrance to the inner city. They moved closer. As it was. Dan's an intention to go inside. One of the two blues was trying to pull the other away from fighting the guards, but without success. That one was more drunk than dangerous, but the guards were none too gentle in handling him. Rin was suddenly amongst them, too, went down. Two others were suddenly staggering about listening to loud clanging inside their Helms. Their leader drew his sword and came it Rin order aren't picked up the drunkard and followed the others quick signal into the crowded street. Lauren called out to remand, ran to catch the others, and Rin sacrificed one of his small knives to pin the enraged officer's sword arm to the gate. In moments that were racing along, dodging and bumping through the milling citizens to a destination unknown, the officer, with more guards was pushing on towards them and written could see their careless outrage. As he glanced back toward the gate, he rounded the corner, saw lawn swing into another small away, and then, as he sprinted past a house. The blue door opened up two paces ahead of him, and he was suddenly closed inside a darkened room with a few heavily breathing bodies holding still in the gloom, the shouting God's past. The room grew a light, and a voice spoke quite gently to the rescuers. Only fools of the giants from behind the non would dare attack the city guards. I'm hoping you are the legends come to life, the speaker drew backer, cloak on, Borden replied as he placed his sleeping burden upon some Russia's. We're only men but have no fear of cowards. Then I thank you for my brother and myself. She gave a little bow and then motion the owner to awaken her brother from the floor. Cold water flew, and he was soon helped, groggily to his feet. We are from the house of Mandalay. I am Taylan, and this is my brother Week off that would be back very soon to search the blue doors for us. May I suggest you follow us to where we know it will be safe? Rykoff was sobering fast. The goals will not deal kindly with your insolence. Strangers, We must move now there are knotted his acceptance of the offer, and they swiftly descended through a trapdoor into a dry, winding tunnel, which crossed and collected other passages As they raced along. The tortures ascended on a hollow pounding echoed back along the way. Then they were inside a large cellar and the Mandalay's. We're obviously pleased to be within. They will not touch us behind the walls of our estate, spoke Taylan as she led them through the racks and barrels to another door. We are very grateful. My father will be pleased to reward your bravery. Another door. Another two guards to bar it, noticed Rinne. They climbed some stairs and record raised the guards above. On a trap door was quickly opened. Kitchen smells and freshly baked bread greeted them, and they were soon a table helping Rykoff down a cold haunch on a number of small loaves. Written felt a few weary eyes watching them as they ate and hope they were not going to be too long in the house of blues. Taylan had left to find her father and soon returned to take them to him. The house was old, with many rooms and many shades of blue and red on floor walls and furniture, more stairs and stony looks from guards. Until I entered an enormous room, it was crowded with pictures of faces and stone bodies and wars of scrolls and heaviest solid scrolls. There was an air of gloom and death about there was only one window open out of many, let in light and breeze near a desk. At the far end, there was the largest, most glorious harp Laun had ever seen, and he nearly jumped out of his skin to rush over and play it. But a movement of the desk caught his eye and he halted. It was an old man when he rose to be the mentor. Come in, please, gentlemen. I've just heard if you're extraordinary deed the three set before him, with Thailand at his side, on a notably absent Rico, he introduced himself. I am Duma, first of the House of Ambulance and would consider it an honour to know the names of my daughter's rescuers. Borden rose from his chair and spoke I am called Borden. This is Rin Hunter, and this is low on the power. We are of the great on the high mountains of Arnaud. We saw only a cowardly act by another and sought to put it right. We are now also grateful to be safe. Domar smiled, and Lauren felt his own spirits lift slightly. The room was quite thick with sadness. The old man looked briefly at his daughter and then spoke for some reason. Perhaps because you are strangers with kind hearts, I would welcome the chance to tell our storey to you it is strange, such a feeling. But then so other ways of fortune and circumstance. Sometimes the weight of misfortune is dreadful to bear. But I'm not dead. It has always been my place amongst my people to listen to the heart that is heavy or the burden that is too great. Speak on her father. Perhaps then you can help us with our search.