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From 0 to 400 units by sterling white Life didn't stand still much when I was a kid, I had a hunger to improve my situation. I hustled, then I found real estate in just a few years. I went from college dropout to having over 400 properties under my ownership. I try to live modestly though. I never have to worry about my debit card being declined or needing government subsidy for housing or food stamps anymore. I now operate multiple businesses that are giving back to the communities by transforming neighborhoods, giving people great places to live in, whether you are barely paying the bills every month or you've been doing very well investing in houses but want to do better. Perhaps this book can give you a few clues on the next steps to get where you want to be regardless of if you just got out of college and don't know what to do or you're doing four house flips a month, but just aren't stacking up the real wealth or you're not enjoying your time off that you anticipated. I hope my journey can help you multiply your results and enable you to finally be able to really live