Documentary Reel - Nikki Mills



A selection of documentary narratives using neutral British and South Walian accents, with a range of styles.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) Welsh


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For nearly 40 years, the David Sheldrick elephant orphanage outside Nairobi has been rearing orphaned elephants in herds so that they can be released back into the wild. But can a group of these older orphans show the empathy needed to save a very special baby. This is end. He's just a year old and he's one of the latest arrivals at the orphanage. This is the intensive care unit in Newport's Royal Gwent Hospital. 12 beds, 12 lives hanging in the balance. This is life behind the closed doors of the I. C. U. In this fairytale setting. The privileged find comfort in Japan's ultimate symbol of perfection. The geisha, she's a dancer, a singer and an artist. But most of all a magician, she conjures a fantasy world as secretive as it is exclusive from the Land of Storytellers. This is the story of the land itself and of the peoples who shaped it. It's majestic, it's thrilling. It's a tale that's been 30,000 years in the making. It shows our country in ways we've never seen it before. This is our story. The story of Wales