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Commercial voice over demos represent the advertisements you would hear on television, radio and online platforms. The spots featured in this demo are a range of young to middle aged conversational reads that bring the brand to life in their own unique way.

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Young Adult (18-35)


Australian New Zealand Trans-Atlantic


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camera. Airport your logo. International Airport, Singapore Airlines Daily. International flights departing from camera Airport connects you to over 130. Global destinations in the world is on your doorstep. Fly local travel Global. There's a lot of things in life that dart makes sense. Like, Why's the coat of a pair of jeans when there's only one? Then there's a lot of things in life that do make sense. Like keeping weight off. The uinta is easier than taking it off spring. If you want to keep the weight off over the colder months, there's no easy away than light nisi. Only cars have anti lock braking systems. Instability control to prevent accidents from a caring. But if you want even more protection, choose a car with automated emergency braking, which applies the brakes even when you don't. This safety advice is sponsored by Qantas Car Insurance in partnership with car sales. THEO, Australia Bushfires have had a devastating impact, killing more than a billion animals. Ahs, an Australian brand Yellowtail, is giving back to help the country that has done so much for us. Please join us in supporting the people and wildlife in Australia on the path to recovery is you being taken advantage of by your energy company. Now meet my J where shaking up the energy market. Can you love us for it? Instead of paying a premium for our energy, you'll get access to a low wholesale rates with an energy pass, which means you'll save some serious cash. De Villa has a much needed T L save with these three minute miracle NGO dry spell and cheat on your conditioner to reconstruct your dry or damaged hair. Fuzzy. Three minutes to America. Ricky is tired of everyone thinking. He just pulls drinks. He mixes them. How does he tell the world he's nothing to model with Squarespace. Whatever you dream, a website makes it really.