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a few birds have lost their ability to fly. Their main characteristic is wing glass a reduction, although for some remarkable size. Maybe because of the inability to fly. Such birds weigh more than £39 or 18 kilogrammes days. Is the case with Rennes Ostriches, Gas aware ease Emu's ray US Kiwis Extremely fast birds would live in remote areas of New Zealand and swimmers such as penguins that have developed extraordinary aquatic abilities. Rocks like aeroplane flight recorders stolen the interior very useful information about what has happened in the past, where the forming caves in the middle of mountains mixed among folds or lying at the bottom of lakes and oceans. Stones are everywhere, and they called clues to the past. There was a time when people believed that the stars were bonfires lit by other tribes in the sky, that the universe was a flat plate resting on the shell of a giant turtle and the D earth, According to the Greek astronomer, Ptolemy, was a descent of the universe. From the most remote of times, people have been curious about what lies hidden beyond the celestial sphere. This curiosity has led them to build telescopes that you're with clarity, otherwise blurry and distant objects