The African Story

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This is a famous short story written by acclaimed writer Roald Dahl

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an African story by Roald Dahl For England, the war began in September 1939. The people on the island knew about it at once and began to prepare themselves in farther places. The people heard about it a few minutes afterwards, and they, too, began to prepare themselves. And in East Africa, in Kenya, Cologne E. There was a young man who was a white hunter who loved the planes and the valleys and the cool nights on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. He, too, heard about the war and began to prepare himself. He made his way over the country to Nairobi and reported to the R. A. F and asked that they make him a pilot. They told him in, and he began his training at Nairobi Airport, flying in little Tiger Montes and doing well with his flying. After five weeks, he nearly got caught, marshal because he took his plane up. And instead of practicing spins and stall turns, as he had been ordered to do, he flew off in the direction of Nakuru to look at the wild animals on the plane. On the way, he thought he saw a sable antelope and because they are rare animals. He became excited and flew down low to get a better view. He was looking down at the antelope out of the left side of the cockpit, and because of this, he did not see the giraffe. On the other side. The leading edge of the starboard wing struck the neck of the giraffe just below the head and cut clean through it. He was flying as low as that. There was damage to the wing, but he managed to get back to Nairobi. And, as I said, he was nearly caught martialed because you cannot explain away a thing like that by saying to hit a large bird. Not when there are pieces of giraffe skin and giraffe hair sticking to the wing and the stays.