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Black Women Natural Hair - Radio Demo

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I grew up listening to radio and love R&B. This is my radio demo/air check. I asked listeners were Black women to blame for Black men desiring weave. My contributions to this demo was researching the music, writing the script, recording, and editing.

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


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oh that was some walker features scissor with no love uh the vocals, the female collaboration. I'm just so happy so I'm not here brooks on smooth 109 bringing you the best R. And B. So tell me why I was talking to this brother today and he complimented me on my hair because you know your girl got the natural beauty, the natural flow going on and he said man I wish more black women or their natural hair. And then he went on to say black women are the reason why black men prefer we've because when little black boys they're growing up, they see their mom getting pretty and putting on some we've so and they had they learned that beauty equals we've and with black women he said if more black women told black men a you take me as I am or you get nothing from me. He said that black men will just go with it like hey if you like it, I love it because they just not gonna stop making black babies, they're gonna take you as you are. So I want to know your thoughts. Do you agree with this argument? Do you believe that black women are the reason why black men prefer? We've let me know your thoughts. 5592813311. Coming up next I got some chris brown song twilight with angles Neo Jeremiah, you to love. But first you know we got to throw it back to the nineties mary J. Blige but real love you listen to smooth 109