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Sometimes we take things for granted. Think of electricity. It travels a long way through power lines and cables to get to the outlet in your wall. But one in seven people in the world still don't have access to their own outlet. Most so over 600 million depend on liquid Karasin for basic energy needs, grids are expensive, and many people simply live too far. One of U. N sustainable development gold is about solving this issue with affordable and clean energy. This is where liquid star comes in. It's a system of model, a smart batteries that distributes off grid energy to the powerless 1.1 billion. They can be filled with electricity at a variety of generation point and can extend the grid by being carried around like what happens with caress In Today, batteries can plug in remote villages and communities, empowering education, health, gender equality and the future off electron based economies. Batteries run on a decentralized identity protocol that makes it easy and safe to buy and sell energy through a smart contract enabling a simple autonomous utility loop. The next generation of energy will be shaped in the most rapidly developing parts of the world, where the grid ends. Liquid star begins