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Imaging, animated, announcer, Authoritative,caring,conversational,dangerous,friendly,Girl Next Door,Genuine, High Energy, Huskey, Movie Trailer, Narrator,
Newscaster, sophisticated, Romantic, Sexy, Youthful, Storyteller, Sweet, Believable

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North American (General)


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Christy Stewart. A Symphony of Gardens is coming soon. This'll Global Special is brought to you, in part by Rx and D. Canada's research based pharmaceutical companies. The Station with Mike and Christine in the morning. 97.3. Easy Rock. If all your best moments could be this easily shared, you would cherish each day as if it were a holiday. What you gonna do? I mean, no sooner than I finish buttoning up the last notch on Brendan's outfit, and 10 minutes later it's soaked in grass stains and pasty mud stars. One. Someone's wildest dreams are going to come true. Molson Golden and the Backyard barbecue All the steak with all the sizzle sense of a man I love how it drives me slightly wild. Gotham's nasties Bad guys were on the loose for the most informative and up to the minute news. Weather entertainment, sports global tv dot com program