Mountain Dew Target Promo

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Mountain Dew Target Promo

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in 2011, Mountain Dew set out to prove one thing way. That life is different on the Mountain Way wanted to bring the attitude of due to the people on, let them connect with a brand on a personal level. Our goal was to make target the back to college destination for millennial shoppers and moms to stock up on do while giving them value beyond price. How did we do it? Knowing our core millennial shopper looks for something easy and authentic, we created a turnkey program that would stay true to do. Target is all about style. So we brought in Skateboarder with the most swag, Paul Rodriguez, to command some attention. Way told people to take their style for spin with Mountain Dew and rolled out a back to college program that would get do drinkers stoked. Way worked with Paul Rodriguez, the designers that primitive apparel to make a hat people would love. I had that would show P rod style and let people express their own. All the guests had to do was head to target by Mountain Dew and getting awesome primitive hat right there at shelf. But we didn't only make the program simple for the guest. Simple was key to this program, so we had to make it simple for Target to engaging. Merchandisers were shipped to Target stores preloaded with the hat, so all they had to do was put the display on shelf and let the do do the talking. The buzz just kept coming in. Paul Rodriguez wore the hat during practice at the Dew tour, millennials tweeted and posted about it, and people flooded Target stores across the country to get a limited edition primitive hat free with the beverage they loved. So how did we do? Sales skyrocketed, and the do drinkers had some style that bring back to college. It was easy when you're authentic to your brand, your authentic to your consumers.