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This example from a book called \"Cape May\" by Holly Caster shows my ability to read dramatically and emotionally. Comments from the author herself included enthusiasm over my ability to create a dramatic setting and emotionally differentiate the moments within this passage.

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Although Joanna Matthews had few memories of childhood or rather few happy memories of childhood, she did recall long, lazy summer days, so free such a relief from having to sit in a classroom glued to a chair. She remembered bursts of energy and spinning, spinning, spinning until she fell on the grass. Any thoughts of injuring angles or breaking hips decades away, spinning until adrenaline raced, looking up and spinning until she couldn't tell. The white clouds from the blue sky and her heart pounded and a throat went dry, finally collapsing on the warm, vibrant grass and feeling the earth itself spin and her young body trying to hold on until the Earth and her breathing slowed. But the exhilaration continued. A shapes magically began appearing in the clowns childhood. The good and the bad parts was long gone. She was a settled, married woman with a respectable job. The job and the marriage, for that matter, offered no carefree spinning, no delightful falling on the grass. The only adrenaline now produced was at the harmful variety, caused by deadlines and self doubts about meeting those deadlines competently. There was little time for cloud watching, and only limited view is between the buildings of Manhattan