Various tones of narration

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I give four tones of narration:
Calm, narration of a book, conversation, saleswoman to offer a few idea's of what I can do. My voice is British, well spoken, soft and calming with a slight lilt

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General)


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lie down, relax. Feel yourself drifting away with each breath, breezing in and breathing out, feeling any tension, leaving your body breathing and breathe out nice and relaxed, leaving all your cares and worries where they meant to be. At this moment in time, you do not need them. Let them go. Breathe in, breathe out as you look through the cards of the green man tree oracle, you will see his face looking out at you from among the leaves, half hidden among the folds and fissures of tree bark. Sometimes he will smile, sometimes glower. Often he was seemed to look not so much at as through you his deep and fathomless gaze inviting you to look deeper, to become part of his world, to enter into greenness and to acknowledge its presence within yourself. But who exactly is the green man and where can we expect to find him in the 21st century? Have you seen her? Elizabeth began. I watched her walk past the park and, well, I spoke to her. Seemed a nice young girl. But of course you never know these days. Girls today. Oh, honestly, for God's sake, Martha and Elizabeth, both jumped and turned towards a ra who stood glowering at, um, anyone would think this poor woman is evil away. You two go on. You'd have her some murderous hung, drawn and quartered before she settled. Just leave it. The two women huffed a bit. Well, really area. Sure you don't believe what that bad? I mean. Oh, there she is. Air was for gotten. They turned as one and watched Bronwyn walk towards the shop. I suppose while I'm here, I'll have some of your lovely ham. Martha called over. Her shoulder era wasn't listening. She needed to sit down. Her legs felt wobbly and butterflies fought to get out of her stomach. She felt the room spin and pretended to reach for something off the floor so that she could put her head between her legs. Her back didn't like the uncomfortable stretch, and she eased herself back and sat down in a chair for a second to catch her breath. Justus, the door opened. Get ready for your next adventure. With over 60 outdoor superstores nationwide stalking a huge range of clothing, footwear and equipment, go outdoors is the perfect place to shop for all of your outdoor activities are friendly and a knowledgeable staff will help you make the right choice and give you the support you need to get outdoors and love it as much as we do an extra 15% off all departments one week only.