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A personal science fiction book of mine. The opening scene introduces the main character, 28 year old Mickey, and nine year old Leilahni

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one door away from Heaven by Dean kents. Chapter One. The World is full of broken people. Splints cast miracle drugs in time can't mend fractured hearts, wounded minds, torn spirits. Currently sunshine was mickey. Bell songs, medication of choice in southern California. In late august was an apothecary with a deep supply of this prescription Tuesday afternoon, wearing a bikini and oiled for broiling mickey reclined in a lounge chair in her aunt Jenna's backyard. The nylon webbing was a nausea inducing shade of green, and it's sad to, and the aluminum joints creaked as though the lawn furniture were far older than mickey, who was only 28 but who sometimes felt ancient, her aunt, from whom fate had stolen everything except a reliable sense of humor. Referred to the yard as the garden. That would be the rose bush. The property was wider than it was deep to allow the full length of the house trailer to face the street instead of a lawn with trees. A narrow covered patio shaded the front entrance Here in the back a strip of grass extended from one side of the lot to the other, but it provided a scant 12 ft of turf between the door and the rear fence. The grass flourished because Aunt Geneva watered it regularly with a hose. The rose bush, however, responded perversely to tender care in spite of ample sunshine, water and plant food in spite of regular variation of his roots and periodic treatment with measured doses of insecticide. The bush remained as scraggly and as blighted as any specimen, Water with venom and fed pure sulfur in the satanic gardens of ****. Face of the sun, eyes closed, striving to empty her mind of all thought. Yet troubled by incessant memories. Mickey had been cooking for half an hour when a small sweet voice asked, are you suicidal? She turned her head towards the speaker and saw a girl of nine or 10 standing at the low sagging picket fence that separated this trailer space from the one to the west. Sun glare veiled the kids features skin cancer kills, the girl explained. So does vitamin D. Deficiency not likely Your bones get soft Ricketts? I know but you can get vitamin D. And tuna eggs and dairy products. That's better than too much sun. Closing her eyes again, turning her face to the deadly blazing heavens. Mickey said, well I don't intend to live forever. Why not? Maybe you haven't noticed but nobody does. I probably will. The girl declared how does that work? A little extra terrestrial D. N. A. Yeah. Right. You're part alien. Not yet. I have to make contact first. Mickey opened her eyes again and squinted at the E. T. Wannabe. You've been watching too many reruns of the X. Files kid. I've only gone until my next birthday and then all bets are off. The girl moved along the swimming fence to a point where it had entirely collapsed. She clattered across the flattened sections of pickets and approached mickey. Do you believe in life after death. I'm not sure. I believe in life before death. Mickey said, I knew you were suicidal. I'm not suicidal. I'm just a wiseass. Even after stepping off the splintered fence. Dave's onto the grass, the girl moved awkwardly. We're renting next door. We just moved in. My name is Leilani. As Leilani drew closer mickey saw that she wore a complicated steel brace on her left leg from the ankle to above the knee. Isn't that a Hawaiian name? Mickey asked. My mother's a little nuts about all things Hawaiian. Leilani wore khaki shorts. Her right leg was fine, but in the cradle of the steel and padding her left leg appeared to be malformed. In fact, Leilani continued old sense. Um Ella, that's my mother is a little nuts period since a miller that's a type of marijuana. Maybe she was Cindy sue or barbara way back in the Jurassic period, but she's called herself since Camilla As long as I've known her, Leilani settled into a hideous orange and blue chair as decrepit as mickey's bile green lounge. This lawn furniture sucks. Someone gave it to aunt jennifer for nothing. She ought to have been paid to take it any way they put old since um, L. A. In an institution once and shot like 50 or 100,000 volts of electricity through her brain, but it didn't help. You shouldn't make stuff up like that about your own mother? Leilani shrugged. It's the truth. I couldn't make up anything as weird as what is. In fact, they blasted her brain several times probably. If they've done it just once more old since Camilla would have developed a taste for electricity Now, she'd be sticking her finger in a socket about 10 times a day. She's an addictive personality, but she means well, although the sky was a furnace great. Although mickey was slick with coconut scented lotion and sweat, she had grown all but oblivious to the sun. How old are you kid? nine, but I'm precocious. What's your name? Mickey?