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by the way, the names Daniels, Jack Daniels. And I'm a private detective. And who is Lightnin Hopkins? I hear you ask. Well, he came from a small town Centerville, Texas, and he is only one of the greatest blues singers of all times. And that's not just my opinion. Trust me. Some weeks back, I finished the job. I was working on a surveillance job. You know, the kind of thing putting my nose into someone's private affairs snooping, if you like. All right. Have it your way. Was spying. Okay, so it's not very nice, I grant you, but neither is cheating on your wife. Yeah, that's what I said. Cheating on your wife. That's what the guy was doing. What do you think now changed your mind? Have you? Anyways, we all can't have nice jobs where we never get our hands dirty, Can we? Don't forget. It's, ah, wicked world out there, you know, with a lot of nasty people. And someone has got to do the dirty work. Okay, so I got my photographs, and I've got the necessary statements. Proof enough. The guys cheating. I made copies and delivered them to my client a certain Mrs Amanda Walker, the mistreated wife, together with my bill. And you know what? I'm still waiting on the check. So it's only been a few weeks. Well, four, to be exact. So why am I wearing so much? You might think maybe she's away somewhere. Maybe taking a little holiday Mexico. Maybe Acapulco is supposed to be good this time of year. Or perhaps a cruise around the Bahamas is more her thing. As for me, I'll pick Mexico every time over the cruise. If only I hear you say, yeah, you and me both. Or perhaps she was in a traffic accident and is now lying in a hospital somewhere heavily strapped up and not able to speak her legs and traction. She's rigged up to all of those wires and dials, and they take her blood pressure every five seconds. She's suffering the pain. Killers aren't helping, and she's facing a whole string of operations. Do I care? I mean, she's in agony, and what am I doing? I'm worrying about a few lousy dollars, that's what. Well, it's 25,000 lousy dollars, to be exact, but I have to tell you, I don't think She's in the hospital and I don't think she's on a holiday anywhere. In fact, I know. So I'm not a betting man, but I'd lay odds. You see, I gave her a call. That number has not been recognized. A mechanical voice announced smugly. Please check and dial again. Sometimes I wonder if it really is a recorded message or a real person with an odd voice taking great delight that you are having trouble. Whatever. I checked the number and try it again. It was the same result. I checked 1/3 time. Yes. What? Yeah, you're right. Same result. I've just been for a little drive. Just a few blocks, you know, Not too far. I went to the address that she had given me 114 sycamore. Do you know it? I'm telling you, if you've never been there, don't bother. Oh, sure. There was an apartment block right where she said it would be. The only problem is that it was vacant. It was also derelict and scheduled for demolition in a few days time. Now here comes the clincher. You know that final piece of information that tells you that there is something wrong and you were right to be worried all the time for me. It came in the form of a three inch banner headline in the morning edition of The Herald. Five little words body found in the Bowery.