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drilling and blasting a common activities on our mind sites. And there are important rules that everyone on site needs to be aware ofthe to ensure a safe work environment is maintained. Leela will be working today beside a toe drag Lila to a safe working distance from the toe. Rachel respects the rules. Today she's gone and got a temporary card sorted and will now show you how to correctly use the pedestrian barrier. Hello there. My name's been on my customer advisor at our Jamestown branch. Something interesting happened in the branch the other day. Let me tell you all about it. Now. John, Andre and the criminal syndicate are making a lot of money. But as you've seen that can't just pop it into John's account. I've gotta launder that money. Somehow. He is one of their methods. Hello there. I'm Johnny Tae Alexis, Saviour from Corruption. You can see by that last scenario that Marty's fall from grace came about because she was accepting gifts from punters. Yourjob today will be to collect a load of high grade or from the emerald 454 cross cut and tip it into the 39 d c. One or pass