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The second series of the highly successful Netflix show Bridgerton was funny, tongue in cheek, full of comedy with sassy characters in a state of emotional undress. Consequently the delivery was over the top posh British accent, deep in irony with high energy and enthusiasm.

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Do you think she will return? We have heard an area peep from lady whistle down since last season ended. She's returning all right on March 25th. To be precise, this is everything we can tell you about Bridget and second season. Uh huh. Based on the Julia Quinn novel, The Bike Out Who loved me this season focuses on the account. Okay, Lord Antony Britton. After all, this is the season the Vie count intends to find a wife, and he doesn't like it When his family intervenes to go on up to bed, you cannot fool him. Well, that's Antoni looking for. I do not need the feeling. What I need is what I have. And that is a list. Yeah, and at least half best of luck to you, brother. You shall certainly needed the season indeed, because not everyone finds Lord Bridget and Charming. Whatever makes you think we'll accept your suit, Mr Thomas Dorsett. Allow me to introduce Miss Sharma and Miss Edwina Sharma. Pleasure. The Chama sisters of the talk of the town. But there's something one sister isn't talking about. What? Whatever do you mean, a secret? She'll have your head when she learns of your secret morning ride. Okay? There's more than one secret I hear you have. I can't believe she was sure. Her face here again. Scandal. If you think that's a scandal, just you wait. Is that so? Penny's close brush with being unmasked as lady whistle down hasn't slowed her down. Quite the opposite. I was sharpening my knives for all of you Here. You Penny will have a harder time juggling the duties of her alter ego Now that her best friend Eloise is up for court. I finally found you. You always do. By the way, the queen hasn't given up her quest. We must entrap the scribbler. Penny won't be able to keep her identity from everyone. That was the first. Is your husband Uh huh Mhm saying he is dead with the death of Lord Feathering turn of the season finale. The feather Internet state now belongs to a new head of household. Unless you are all betrothed By the time our cousin arrives to claim the feather ringtone estate, we should be his mercy. Time for the spoiler speed route. Benedict has a new goal. Eloise get into some new reading material but this isn't it. We'll learn more about why Anthony is how he is. The Bridget Jones will host guests at their summer estate or very hall, where we'll see a game of pal. Now It's like, okay, and Mandarich finds himself in another fight. What other twists and turns with the season brain? There is the potential for a considerable scandal. Indeed, you'll just have to watch stream all episodes of Bridget and Season two on March 25th only on Netflix.