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I showcase my accents and a little intro!

Hello and welcome to PielordVoicings voice demo!!!

here i will be demoing...my voice...hmm

Well! as you can tell i have a teenage to young adult North american accent

But, thats not voice acting, thats just voicing, now ill show you some of my REAL accents.


Now back when i used to game quite a bit i played a game titled Team Fortress 2. This game had an

australian accented sniper class, i soon spoke like him, then moved to more authentic australian.


And here, this is a british accent, its not quite as bold as an australian accent and i would go to say its
a little more, quote on quote, \"Elegant and soft\"


Now dis is vhere i stray from puny american families, In russian i usually speak in a low grumble


But i can also speak like this, less grumble, clear.


and finally i believe ive come full circle straight back to that north american dream, thank you for your

time and


Ill see you, in the next recording, BUH BYEEEE!

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Australian British (General) North American (General) Russian


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Hello and welcome to Pai Lord Voicings Voice demo Here I will be demo ing my voice. Ah, well, as you can tell, I have a teenage to young adult North American accent, but that's not voice acting. That's just voicing. Now I'll show you some of my riel accents. Now, back when I used to game quite a bit, I played a game titled Team Fortress two. This game had an Australian accented sniper glass. I soon spoke like him and then moved on to a more authentic Australian. And ah, here is our This is a British accent. It's not Coy is bold, has the Australian accent, but I would go as far as to say it's a little more quote unquote elegant and soft. Now this is very story from puny American families in Russian. I usually speak in low crumble, but you know, I can also speak like this. Less grumble hits clear and finally, I believe I've come full circle straight back to the North American Dream. Thank you for your time. I ain't. I'll see you in the next recording by