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Excerpt from 'Makepeace'

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC)


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for as long as make peace could remember. The two of them had lived in the busy, little, not quite town of popular. She could not imagine the world without the stink of coal smoke and pitch that blew in from the great clattering shipyards. The pattering poplar trees that gave the place its name on the lush green marsh lands where the cattle grazed London lay a few miles distant, a smoky mass of menace and promise. It was all so familiar to her as natural as breathing. And yet make peace could not feel that she belonged. Mother never said This is no home, but her eyes said it all the time. When she first arrived in Popular Mother had changed her baby daughter's name to make peace so that the pair of them would be accepted more easily. Make Peace didn't know what her original name had. Bean, and the thought of that made her feel a bit unreal. Make peace did not quite feel like a name at all. It was an offering, a way of making peace with God and the godly folk of popular. It was an apology for the hole where make pieces father should have bean