Patrick Lagreid - May 2013

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This is a sampling of some of the work I've done - included in this demo are:

0:00 – Salt River Fields / Colorado Rockies Welcome
0:13 – Beacon Plumbing commercial
0:43 – KMIH-FM Imaging
0:56 – Starting lineups from Rockies – Diamondbacks game, Spring Training 2013
3:23 – “Baseball Website of the Week” feature from Seattle Mariners Radio
4:23 – Aircheck from KMIH-FM’s “Saturday Night Street Party”
5:01 – Amazing Numbers of Baseball feature / Lexus of Bellevue & Tacoma spot from Seattle Mariners Radio

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Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and girls Salt Maricopa Indian Community welcomes Use their home at Salt River Field. A talking stick for Colorado Rockies Baseball. That's right, Beacon Plumbing loves you. Seattle We are lowering our plumbing prices so we can help save you money. Call Beacon and take advantage of our $99 summer sales event. That's right. For 99 bucks, you can schedule in all points furnace tuneup or, in all points, a C tuneup. Got sewer problems? Stop freakin because we're even offering a $99 sewer video inspection. That's $250 off the regular price, and you won't find a better deal in town. Call and make an appointment today. 2067 2020 40 That's 7 2020 40 Stop freakin call Beacon your weekend. It starts right now. Last off. Mix with D J. Noodles on external four K M I. H. Mercer Island, Seattle Fix your face. Now fans get after scorecards and pencils. It's time to introduce todays starting lineup, first for the visiting Arizona Diamondbacks leading off right fielder number 25 Breeland Almodovar Batting second Shortstop number 16 John McDonald heading 3rd 3rd baseman number 12. Eric Chavez Betting. Fourth left fielder number 13 Jason Kubel standing. Fifth Center fielder Number 39. Brad Snyder Batting six First baseman number. 33. Key LaCava. Who? A betting seven catcher number 28 Rod Batting 8th 2nd baseman number 75. Nick Ahmed Batting ninth. Warming up the bullpen today. Starting pitcher number 55 Josh Collmenter and now fans. Their starting lineup for your Colorado Rockies leading off center fielder Number 24. Dexter Fowler Batting. Second. Left fielder number 77. Corey Dickerson Batting third right fielder Number 21. Tyler Holden adding fourth catcher number 20 Will lean Rose, Mario Batting 5th 1st baseman Number 66. Then hold spending. Six. Third baseman number four. Chris Nelson Batting. Seven. Second baseman number 23. Charlie Culberson batting. A shortstop number 18. Jonathan Herrera and batting ninth for the Rockies. Warming up the bullpen today. Starting pitcher number 32 Tyler Cat would as part of Black History Month. This week, we click over to ***** League baseball dot com. This site pairs history with stories and articles. All senator and the league's that formed because of Major League Baseball's ban on African Americans and other minorities. Now you notice I said leagues. You've probably heard of the ***** League, which fostered stars such as Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Satchel Paige and many more. But this site takes you all the way back to 18 84 when there were African Americans playing in the major leagues of the day and the early formations of all black ball clubs. This site helps lay out the formation in reshuffling of ***** League teams throughout the early and mid 19 hundreds. It also provides a foundation for understanding the social climate of the time and who some of the key players, both on and off the field, work in making the ***** Leagues the venture that it waas. It's a very good starting point to learn about the history of the ***** Leagues as an incredibly important part of our baseball past. I hope it will serve as a great jumping off point for you to learn more. That's ***** League baseball dot com. With your baseball Web site of the week, I'm out, agrees together forever show on the ball opinion. It's called Temperature. Gonna get a little more Sean volume track out as well called break outs, getting mixed where right now, request water and playing for the last couple of weeks. I want to get in G as well. Do you know Kim? That's gonna be in the mix? Floria. Plus, I got that Mike Jones screwed at that's. Remember the mix in Just a compliment, so don't go anywhere. Sand and shoot Rolling Commercial for eight hours long. Sean Barn Out Breakouts. Guy Patrick in the mix in Now the 12 Turntables Station blazes Seattle's new of Ottoman Army X Well, four. Name Luke Stewart probably doesn't ring about you, but he holds a baseball record that will never be broken. Back in 1921 Stewart became the first player in major league history to Homer in his first at bat. The second player to pull off the achievement was Snohomish Washington native Earl Averell Stewart, by the way, never homered again. Amazing. The excitement is building. Alexis of Bellevue and Lexus of Tacoma, the world's greatest luxury dealership, is under construction now, and huge allocations of new Lexus sedans and SUVs are arriving daily. Take advantage of special pricing. Now during the Lexus Golden Opportunity sales event. Onley Alexis of Bellevue and Lexus of Tacoma,