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Took an old favorite of mine and did two min.

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nine oclock it last drudging toil of the day it was ended. Lena climbed to her room in the third half story of the Quarrymen, this hotel since daylight, she had slaved doing the work of a full grown woman scrubbing the floors, washing the heavy iron stone plates and cups, making the beds and supplying the insatiable demands for wood and water that turbulent and depressing hostelry. The din of the day's quarrying was over the blasting and drilling, the creaking of the great cranes, the shouts of the foreman, the backing and shifting of the flatcars hauling the heavy blocks of limestone. Down in the hotel office, three or four of the labourers were growling and swearing over a belated game of checkers. Heavy odors of stewed meat, hot grease and cheap coffee hung like depressing fog about the house. Lena let the stump of a candle and sat limply upon her wouldn't share. She was 11 years old, thin and little little, nourished her back and limbs or sore and aching. The ache in her heart made the biggest trouble. The last straw had been added to the burden upon her small shoulders. They had taken away grim, always at night, however tired she might be, she had turned to grim for comfort and hope. Each time had Grim whispered to her that the prince for the fairing would come and deliver her out of the wicked enchantment. Every night she had taken fresh courage and strength from grim to whatever tale she read. She found an analogy in her own condition. The woodcutters lost child unhappy goose girl, the persecuted stepdaughter.