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in our modern, ever connected and always working world, sleep seems to have become a waste of time. But contrary to popular belief, sleep deprivation does not enhance work performance. It actually has dire long term effects on your physical and mental health. Accessing the power of now when you become a listener to your own thoughts, you will start experiencing a dis continuity in your mental stream. Ah, sort of gap between thoughts during which you will become aware not only of your thoughts but also of yourself as their witness. Tali refers to these pauses as gaps of the no mind, which he defines as consciousness without thought. I don't know. Honesty is wisdom. Being honest with yourself starts with three simple words. I don't know. Socrates. Turn this into a method for extracting knowledge. You ought to turn it into a way of life. Take Kelly, for example. Raised in a devout Catholic Irish American family, she still doesn't know what to make of God. At the age of 49 heading towards my 50th birthday, I made a list of 50 women from lifelong friends to new acquaintances. Over the course of a year, I met one on one with all of them