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Audiobook Demo Reel - Clear/Calm/Versatile

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With a clear, calming narration and versatile character range, Rachel is perfect as the narrator for your next audiobook.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) , North American (US General American - GenAM) , North American (US Midwest- Chicago, Great Lakes)


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at first she thinks he's one of them. This is terrifying because all this time she'd been climbing trees with the belief that they couldn't climb up after her. His teeth are all points like piranhas and wolves and them and what little she sees of his eyes are that telltale red giveaway of the turned. He sees her the moment she sees him only to swaying branches away. And as she opens her mouth to cry in terror and despair he hisses his first words to her, don't scream. She knows the turned can't speak usually in one or two sentences, but the desperation in his face silences her despite her misgivings, Maka clings to her branch, crouched intense, ready to spring into action. Her hands stay close to her side where she keeps the long meat slicing knife at her hip. The man in the tree jerks his chin to the ground and she sees what he's worried about. The old crone has shown up, she hobbles about over the tree roots, walking slowly, looking where there is nothing to see. Maka recognizes her and frowns. Old crone has been following her for weeks. She hasn't seen the turned in four days which is the longest she's ever been able to escape her. She's safe up in the tree. Old crone, like all the turned can't climb this high besides which that one is blind had been before she'd been bitten and it is easy to outrun her maca has lost count how many times she has skirted around the zombie and casually jogged to escape. To be truthful it would be just as easy to slice the crone's head off. But Mca has yet to be able to do it despite all the others she has beheaded.