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Kenny suggests that they meet at a coffee shop across the street from the Hyatt Hotel in about an hour. Kenny and the finger manner already at the coffee shop when Scott and Ryan arrived as they walk in. Kenny is not expecting Ryan, so he's not sure what to make of the situation. He is a little spooked at first. Scott introduces Ryan and assures Kenny and his friend that he's okay and will be a big help in this job. Finally, everyone is comfortable with one another, and the group sets about putting a plan together, Ryan says on what should we call your friend Kenny? Ah, that's easy. His nickname is Ryan speaks up, interrupting. Kenny, let me guess. Fingers, Kenny says, Cool, man, you're cool, dude, that's it Exactly. Ryan looks at Scott, and they both kind of roll their eyes as if to say, What else Ryan then says. Here is the plan. First fingers. We need you to gain access to the house and locate the room, and then the safe in the room. You will need to take his many pictures of the rooms possible. We think the safe is in the main Dan, where the senator has his desk. Can you handle this? And how soon do you think you'll be ready to discuss it? Finger scratches his head. He's a cake. The first part to get in and take the pictures should have that four year. This time tomorrow, I must something out of the ordinary comes up with Senators House tonight. Good. Then back here tomorrow at the same time as they're getting ready to leave. Scan. Asks Kenny if he can stay for a minute. Ryan walks over to Kenny and says, I have a weird request and I can't tell you what we're going to do with it, either. For FY and nothing I can't handle, Boss Man says Kenny. Okay, Ryan says, How about a cadaver?