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According to federal safety officials, someone has heard in a motor vehicle accident in the United States every six seconds crashes kill at least 40,000 people each year and leave more than five million others injured. Now you can avoid being a part of those statistics by using the co pilot what is going to be the next big thing. We think we have found it, and it is called the 39. The 39 store is a fantastic new franchise retail store opportunity. At the 39 we use are very extensive line of greeting cards, including many name brand greeting cards, as a draw to get the customers in the store. When an oil spill happens, it see quick deployment and inefficient response operation are imperative. You require a marine vessel that can carry equipment and crew easily with a stable platform offering uncompromised maneuverability. You want peace of mind that your investment will be there for you when you need it now and in the future, and above all, you need to know that your crew will be safe and that the job could be accomplished safely and effectively.