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July 5, 2008 on B-103 in Kelowna, BC

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Let's be accurate here. It's eight minutes before five. This is live. I am not taped. I would have edited all these mistakes out. Boys and girls. Hey, the 2008 Nathan's hot Dog eating contest results Iran in for the second year in a row, California's Joey Chestnut wins it. Actually, there was a tie between Chestnut and the Japanese Phanom Kobayashi at 59 hot dogs, each leading to a sudden death showdown yesterday. Legend has it that the hot dog contest has been held annually at Nathan's, famous in New York since 1916. The contest traditionally last 12 minutes and includes up to 20 big eaters. But this year's event was cut down to 10 minutes, so they had a little room for dessert. Be 103 Kelowna Best Country, seven in a Row. Terry Clark No Fear, Derek. Pretend I Saved Everything, Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood. Last Name. We also had Gretchen Wilson sneak in between Carrie Underwood's Jesus, Take the Wheel on Last Name with Here for the Party, and Jason Blaine kicked things off with my first car. Good afternoon. It's 4 19 I'm Ralph has two men and a woman are facing drug charges after police attempted to pull over a vehicle in the area of Somerset Drive in west Kelowna, The driver, a 26 year old man, attempted to evade police by driving through residential property, at which point he collided with a house. The suspect attempted to flee on foot but was caught nearby. And that leads us into the poll question at castanet dot net. Our Okanagan drivers becoming more aggressive, 81% say yes, Okanogan drivers are becoming more aggressive, so I think we should all be, uh, driving scooters or maybe riding horses. What do you think? Toby Keith and Willie Nelson horse around next on the B one of three. Kelowna, Best Country, Brooks and Dunn A. Nothing about You, Taylor Swift. Our song Aaron per set. Done You Wrong? 3 15 Good afternoon. I'm Ralph Half and Yeah, Aaron Pritchett will be at the Merit Mountain Music Festival next Friday, July 11th. Everything gets rolling on Thursday, July 10th. Bay 103 will be there. Grant Scott doing his afternoon show from Merit and the Beat 10. Come on by and say hi next Thursday or Friday afternoon. Everything runs through Sunday, the 16th annual Merit Mountain Music Festival. It's a great lineup, including on Friday with Aaron Pritchett, Dirks Bentley, Hank Williams Jr. You can check out the other acts at B 103 dot c a and click on the link Hey, For the third consecutive year, Mississippi has claimed the title of fattest US state, while Colorado repeats as the leanest Delaware rose the most places in the rankings over last year while California dropped the most. That's a good thing from number 36 to Number 41 according to an analysis by Calorie Lab Incorporated, West Virginia passed Alabama to become the second fattest state in 2000 and eight, the four states of Mississippi, West Virginia, Alabama and Louisiana. Lots of grits, I'm guessing, have obese populations that exceed 30% over a three year average. Now our friends in Washington state ranked as the 32nd fattest state, while Oregon did worse, finishing at number 29. Next hour, I'll update you on the big hot dog eating contest that took place in the US for the Fourth of July. We've got Shania Twain on the B. After this, Kelowna is best country B 103 Trace Adkins. Remember that name? Songs about me. Derek can Good time. Blake Shelton. Old red. It's to 15 now. Good afternoon. I'm rail pass and Trace Adkins is top five on the most played country songs on the radio in the United States. And we might as well say North America for the first half of 2000 and eight. This according to country air check the number one song on that list is coming up this hour. Rodney Atkins Cleaning this gun. Alan Jackson Number two, Small town Southern Man. Brad Paisley. Three letter to me and then Trace Adkins. You're gonna miss this at number five, James Auto just got started loving you. We've got him this hour a little further down on the list. Taylor Swift, our song. She will be coming up in the next 60 minutes or so and next up on the B. Probably Canada's most played country music artists. That would be Paul Brandt. Well, I guess denies right up there too. But Paul Brandt is next. 103 Kelowna, best country. Sugarland. Featuring little big town life in a northern town Shania Twain Loved, gets me every time and the road hammers eastbound and down. It's 135 Saturday afternoon. How you doing? I'm well past. We've got Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett up next to for the price of one Your weather, a mix of sun and cloud today. 40% chance of rain later this afternoon and a high of 27 overnight lows. Down to 13 tomorrow again a mix of sun and cloud and 27 once again here on the lakeshore, we've got more sunshine than clouds. It's 26 degrees and time now for K D. Lang to let us know what's going on in town with the B 103 Kelowna, Hyundai Country Cruiser of presentation of United Hitch and Truck accessories. Hitches, towing packages and Mawr and from Sun Valley Speedway. Here's Katie, 103 Kelowna Best country That is Faith Hill like we never loved at all. Paul Brandt in The Middle and Lone Star got us rolling with What about Now? Good afternoon. It's about 1 20 this Israel pass, and here's a quote for today's show brought you by the Telecommunications Alliance as of Sept eight. Dial 10 digits for local calls, details that dial 10 dot c A. And this quote is from Faith Hill. Forget aging. If you're six feet above ground, it's a good day. Well, I'm 5 10.5 a little disappointed that my 15 year old Justin is now taller than me, closing in on six feet. We'll keep the music going next on the be the road. Hammer's coming up.