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Elearning projects need to engage the listener or viewer and keep them dialed in on the lesson. I have mastered the tone which gets the information across while sounding like a discussion with a friend. Let me use my expertise to help you create terrific sounding lessons that are fun and easy to follow.

Please provide:
Written script - I will fix any grammatical errors found in your script FOR FREE
Desired tone - Warm, Business, Hard Sell, etc.
Pronunciations to unique words.

Revisions: I will gladly recut any mispronunciations for FREE. Please be specific on the tone however, there will be a revision fee for any additional reads.

FREE PRO SERVICE: All files are Broadcast Ready, this includes: De-breathing, Mastering, Noise free

I get the job done and I get it done fast! ORDER NOW!

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Number of Words Up to 300
Delivery Days 24hr
Number of Revisions 1
Non-Broadcast License
High Quality Audio File
Script Proofreading

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