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This is a voice-over for a YouTube football video about famous referree Pierluigi Collina.

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Pierluigi Collina, the most famous of all referees. You surely know him. Even if you missed those times. The times when these bald men with an expressive face was boasting the toughest footballers. On december 16th France. Football named Pierre Luigi the best referee ever. And that is why you should know what made him so unique and what helped him get recognition before we begin trying to answer this question, How many minutes did Kalina add to the legendary Champions League final in 1999 when Man United made the historical comeback against Byron 345 or six. Number one physic. It may sound obvious that referees must be very fit, but it wasn't always like this back in the days. Many of them couldn't keep up with the pace of the game and would often be out of breath by the end of the match. But he was not the case for Colina. He was always in great shape without a sign of extra weight. Pierluigi did care about his fitness. He followed the diet and did a lot of working out When he retired and was appointed as UEFA's chief refereeing officer. He launched the program on referees physical training. It has a lot to do with running because all the referee does is run, he has to keep running for 90 minutes. That's why a good physical shape is a must. If you're not fit enough, you can't referee the game is too intense. Nowadays the difference between the players and the referee shape is getting smaller and that's what we're aiming for. It was football to help Kalina get in shape. Pierluigi was born in a working class family from the north of Italy. His parents were working long hours while the future referee was starting in a christian school and was a part of the football team. Now the most important part as he would often stay on the bench. However, he played as a liberal for Paula Vinci, the amateur club for two years. At the age of 17, Kalina realised that he was not made for professional football luckily for him. A friend of his offered him to sign up for a refereeing course together and that was Pierre Luigi's way into football. The physique and some skills he had turned out to be a great advantage when you're 17, you don't do something for a reason, you do it for the sake of a new experience. I didn't think it would get this far when I started taking the course, but as a result, 13 years later I refereed my first Syria a game # two March Preparations. It may seem that the only thing the referee needs is to know all the rules. Selena's knowledge was perfect. But what made him special is the way he approached every single match. Pierluigi worked as a financial advisor for some time. So he was pretty used to analyzing and predicting things. Not only he thoroughly analyzed squads and tactics, but players as well. Their favorite moves, the way they prefer to attack and their characters. That's why a game of football was an open book for Colina. He always was at the right place at the right time able to follow all the events. It is essential for the referee to know which formations the teams use, how they play, how the players move or they shaped s for for two or 343 or maybe 3412. How often do they use the offside trap and how they use it? Do they press high and so on? It's also good to know if the team plays with one forward or two on this, depends which zones will be used more. Kalina knew every single player by name even from smaller clubs. It helped him read the game and in separate episodes correctly. For example, I know that Mihailovic likes to pass the ball along with his left so I can predict where he will pass it. I pay attention to that zone and move there. If there's a technical player like Del Pierro, he would rather cut inside and shoot than cross so I should keep an eye on the penalty spelled. And here's Ward grandpa, all the ex referee who worked with Kalina at the World Cup game in 2002 said he wrote the names of both teams in their correct formations. Then he went on to explain what would happen if Japan went a goal up or if Turkey took the lead. He explained how the losing side would change their tactics or formation or whether they would make a substitution. He detailed how the audit team would probably respond. Then he indicated who might get involved in incidents behind his back. Number three treating players with respect. One of the most viral videos featuring Kalina is about him lashing out at thomas replica the check captain during the Euro 2000 match. But there was a rare exception as Pierluigi said he didn't recognize himself on that video. Selena's appearance added to his image. His expressive light eyes and distinctive facial expressions made Pierluigi look totally overwhelming. Even the most brutal players like broke in found it hard to argue with him but his biggest strength was diplomacy. He knew all the rules by hard and was very convincing while explaining his decisions to play us what is more Kalina speaks italian french spanish and english that helped him communicate with players efficiently. There was a good example at the inter juventus game in 1997 the atmosphere was headed. The inter players and fans went mad on the referees as their goal was canceled due to offside. Kalina had doubts about that outside but he was quick to protect the Lawrence man. Pierluigi consulted with the linesman and confirmed the offside. Then he called Bergomi the inter captain and told him Giuseppe you have to trust me he was offside and after that he ran to the inter coach Roy Hodgson and explained his decision to him and then they shake hands. Those who watched that very finally 1999 can't remember Kalina consoling the barn players no matter how strict the referee he was, he was a human after all. Yet another important thing about him. However, Kalina didn't like being in the spotlight in 2002 he was refering the World Cup final Germany vs Brazil. He showed two yellow cards at the very beginning of the game but he noticed things getting hit it, he decided to be more diplomatic, No more cards were shown and the match ended up being a good example of fair play and sportsmanship. This is how Kalina speaks about his own rules. You need to earn the respect of everyone involved, not because you're the referee but because they trust you you have to realize what kind of pressure footballers are under. I understood that and players understood me now before appearance. The most notable thing about Kalina at the age of 24 Pierluigi already a serious see referee was struck by a misfortune all his hair disappeared in three weeks he was diagnosed with alopecia. The doctors were unable to find the reason by the way another referee Sergei Karasev from Russia had the same problem as Kalina admitted he was lucky to face that when he was an adult what is more. His close friend also lost his hair because of chemotherapy. So they faced it together. As for now Pierluigi is pretty comfortable with making jokes about his appearance. There's one big flow in being bald. Should you make a mistake? Everyone sees it's you and remembers you. But there's an upside as well. You can save on shampoo colinas. Bold head also helped inform a memorable image the image made in popular worldwide as he appeared in a number of commercials after the World Cup 2002, he became the face of a Japanese frozen food line, released an autobiography and appeared on the cover of Pro Evolution Soccer, Ironically it was an advertisement contract two and his referee career, it was the year 2005. Pierluigi was 45 years old due to his age. He couldn't be a Syria a referee anymore. However, the Football Federation made an exception for him and allowed him to work for one extra year. And though Pierluigi had to retire the reason was the advertisement contract he signed with Opal, the title sponsor formula. It looked like a conflict of interest to the other Syria Eight clubs and their fans. So Kalina had to sign his resignation later he called that opal contractor mistake even though it brought him an unprecedented sum of €800,000 while his salary It was 125,000 per year. And once again it was his appearance to bring him such fame. Number five, fairness and incorruptibility, but of course it was his honest work that made him a top referee in the 90s. There were numerous analytical TV shows about football. They were paying close attention to refereeing as well. There were hardly any flows found in Colina and his assistants work. He was a prime example of a referee strict but fair Pierluigi compared his job to one of the surgeon. No margin for error, emails, pressure and tension. But once the final whistle goes, you realize that you've done your job well and that makes it worth it. A good example of Catalina's qualities was Giuseppe Murata is phone call, the juventus president said that Kalina and Alberto Rosetti were too honest. No way you could bribe them. That happened during the cultural police scandal which got you demoted to serie A. B and their two titles taken away at that time. Murata didn't know he was under civilians and was telling it like it was once it became public, it increased Kalina standing even more as he said, I am a man of rules. My strict upbringing has made me this way I think. And one final story that tells a lot about Kalina. He was in love with football. It was his biggest passion and he did care about the trappings of the game just like footballers. This story took place at the World Cup final in 2002. The match was about to end in a few seconds. It was all over and I was thinking, how do I get myself the ball? After I give the final whistle, I came to the Brazilian player who had the ball and asked for it from him in spanish as I don't speak Portuguese. Maybe he was too wound up so he didn't understand me. But then the german player fault, so I got the ball, took it and then I gave the whistle I was holding in my hands after the game. During the awards ceremony, I was too afraid to lose it.