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Why shall one invest? Let's learn from Rajan. Rajan loves travelling, and he dreams to enjoy a long vacation in the hills and enjoy the snow. But it present. He is unable to manage time for it. So he plans to take a break and visit to Manali after five use. But then he knows a visit to Manali would need money, so he decides to keep a site in 50,000 for this goal. Also, Rajan is somewhat aware of the concept of inflation, so he decides to invest these in 50,000 for five use after five use. Rajan is surprised and happy about the fact that he invested. Why? Because in the past five years, his investment grew enough that he can now experience the same trip better. Instead of staying in and three star, he can now stay in a five star hotel, go skiing and do much more than he planned. And Ertz the a sense of investing. When you invest, you effectively provide your money with a chance to grow and build a long term Well and yes, investment involves risks. But is it worth the risk