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welcome to fight Hydro Vadodara During your stay at our facility, we are responsible for your safety. Our company gives utmost importance to safety. In the following presentation, we have put together some important guidelines to keep your visit sief and accident free. These pay close attention to these guidelines as well as instructions given to you by for IT employees. While entering this facility, you will be issued a visitor's identification card and the People Flyer containing the safety tips. Always Viru visitors identification card so that it is always visible at the end of your visit. Please return it at the main gate. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed access to this facility. Taking pictures of filming is not permitted anywhere within this facility. The use of mobile phones is only permitted outside the workshop. Eight years. Vehicles me only be parked in the designated areas. Access routes, entrance route and areas reserved for fire and rescue services must be kept clear at all times. The rules of the route also applied to this facility. The general speed limit is 20 kilometres are 12 MPH. Peace pay close attention to traffic especially food lift trucks, vehicle stowing away. Heavy trailers and transport workers never walk. We need suspended loads. You are advised to weigh a safety shoes fire visiting the work areas. For this purpose, safety issues will be provided on temporary basis to you always use designated foot bath student Your stay inside workshop in all the production areas, protective goggles must be warned at all times. You will be provided with them by the for it employees accompanying you or by the personnel at the gate when you forced end to the facility.