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Narration Voice Demo

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Voice Over • Documentaries


This demo showcases my ability to cover story-based, education or historical content.

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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every moment has a story, and every story matters. The first man painted stories on stone walls, and the ancient Egyptians chose the chisel instead. The ink This told stories with dances and fire, the Aborigines total with star and spear stories or at the very essence of human life. They count the breaths of every sunrise, the beats of every emotion and the silence of every heart. Stories take the fleeting temporal and makes them eternal. It began with the seed of an idea. In 1902 The Heartland needed folks to embrace new advances in agriculture. But leaders with open minds, strong hearts and willing hands weren't in abundance. Luckily, kids were by empowering the next generation to lead for H took, root and grew grew. Kids who are confident and strong who are curious enough to question and capable enough to find the answer, who stick to a job until the job gets done, who know how to work with others and how to lead. True leaders aren't born. They're grown for H grows. Here in this world, there is really evil and the darkest shadows and in the most ordinary places there are true stories of the innocents and unimaginable between the world we see and the things we fear. There are doors when they are opened. Nightmares become reality. Whether it's cash, gold or digital bits. We all know that money makes the world go round. And what that money is worth depends on trust. Trust that the engines that power it all won't fail. For the first time, National Geographic is going to take you inside the system places that you're not allowed to bring a camera straight into the vaults of the world's largest stash of what you want, need and bust your butt to get money they counted, store it, move it. Inflated, deflated, destroy, stabilized, lend and buy it. But above all, they protected.